Does Lavan Davis have a wife?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Cassi davis

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i think so

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Q: Does Lavan Davis have a wife?
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Is LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis related?

They are husband and wife in real life

Who Is Lavan Davis Married To?

There is no official reports on who actor Lavan Davis is married to or if he is married at all. There have been many rumors about him being married in real life to his TV wife Cassi Davis, but these have been proven false.

How long have they been married lavan and Cassie Davis?

How long have cassi Davis and Lavan Davis been married

Is LaVan Davis dating anyone?

yes he is ....he is married to ella the lady that plays his wife in the show No, In fact the cast of this show has appeared on the Monique show on BET and finally answered this question. They are NOT married nor are they even a couple.

Who is cassi Davis husband?

La van Davis

Is Lavan Davis msrried?


How tall is lavan Davis?

he is tall

Are lavan Davis and cassi Davis related?

yes they are related they are married

Does LaVan and Cassi Davis have any children?


What is the real life relationship between LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis?

they are husband and wife and so are the ones who play mr brown and cora they all are real life married couples.

Who is LaVan Davis?

LaVan Davis is an American actor and singer who has worked with Tyler Perry in movies, stage plays, and TV Shows. LaVan Davis appeared on the stage play Madea Goes To Jail Playing "Leo". Why Did I get Married Playing "Poppy". He also appeared on the movie Daddy's Little Girls Playing "Lester" as the nightclub singer. LaVan Davis is also on Tyler Perry's House Of Payne Playing "Curtis Payne", Most people just calls him "Pops". On House of Payne Cassi Davis plays his wife and his girlfriend on Madea Goes To Jail. LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis are not married in real life. It is frequently mistaken that LaVan Davis is married to actress Cassi Davis in real life, but it is known to be false. They portray a married couple on Tyler Perry's House of Payne as Curtis Payne and Ella Payne, and a couple in the play Madea Goes to Jail as boyfriend and girlfriend. They can both also be seen on the movie Daddy's Little Girls. Tyler Perry claims they work very well together.

Is Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis really married from the cast of House Of Payne?