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Lady Gaga's grandmother's name is:
Catie Curtis

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Q: Does Lady Gaga have any grandparents?
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What is Lady Gaga's ethnicity?

Lady Gaga is 100% American since she was born here. Her grandparents were born in Italy.

How is better Rihanna or Lady Gaga?

LADY GAGA, any day!

Does Lady Gaga have childeren?

Lady GaGa currently doesn't have any children.

What powers does Lady Gaga have?

im sorry, but Lady Gaga does not have any powers

Where did Lady Gaga get her tattoos on herface at?

Lady Gaga does not have any tattoos on her face.

Does Lady Gaga have any kids and if she does who is the baby's father?

Lady Gaga has no kids.

Does Lady Gaga have any Webkinz?

No, Lady Gaga Does not own any webkinz , she is to old to own one.

What will Lady Gaga's Halloween creation be - any guesses?

lady gaga herself of course!

Does Lady Gaga have any sibalings?

Lady Gaga has a little sister named Natali.

Dose Lady Gaga have any bothers and or sisters?

**Does **Brothers. Lady Gaga does in fact have a brother. His name is.. Gary Gaga.

Does Lady Gaga have any cats?

No Lady Gaga has no pets because she says it will distract her from her singing

Does any Lady Gaga songs have hyperboles in them?

yes because lady gaga is a swewting person