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Yes, Kyle Ganz received the HIV virus from a prostitute in Brazil where he paid her four-thousand dollars for thirty seconds of anal sex then headed off into the jungle. There he raped a jaguar and engaged in a three way with a tree frog and a toucan. He then proceded deeper into the Amazon to find a new creature to ejaculate into. In a small clearing he found his next victim. A young chimp. Fearing he could make the chimp pregnant he found a small snake cut off its head then proceded to use it as a condom. He advanced on the chimp penetrating it multiple times while screaming out OH CHRIS MARTIN I LOVE YOU! Four years later the HIV virus has developed into full blown AIDS.

Since then he returned to the U.S and continued by raping multiple cats, dogs, and horses. This past month it was reported that Kyle Ganz was spotted in a grave yard. I quote from a elderly man who was visiting his dead wife " He was boffing the deceased! including my wife! Then he boffed me!"

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Q: Does Kyle Allen Ganz have AIDS?
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