Does Kevin Jonas have a son?

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Kevin Jonas the first, (father of the Jonas brothers) does have children but Kevin Jonas the second (the one in the Jonas Brothers band) does not.

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2011-01-01 18:22:13
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Q: Does Kevin Jonas have a son?
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Why is sir paul Kevin Jonas named sir?

His name isn't sir Kevin Jonas. It is Kevin Jonas SR.. It is senior because his son Kevin Jonas II is named after him. his son becomes Kevin Jonas II or JR . That makes him Kevin Jonas SR (senior).

What is Joe Jonas father's name?

Paul Kevin Jonas I. (His first son is Paul Kevin Jonas II.)

Is Joe Jonas neil diomands son?

No, Joe Jonas is the son of Paul Kevin (Jonas) Sr. and Denise Marie (Jonas.)

Who the hell is Kevin?

Are you being serious? Kevin Jonas, actually called Paul Kevin Jonas, is the eldest Jonas Brother. The Jonas Brothers' father, affectionately known as "Papa Jonas" is also called Paul Kevin Jonas, but like his son, prefers being called Kevin.

Dose Kevin Jonas have a son?

no he is not married yet

What is the Jonas brother's dad's middle name?

his full name is Paul Kevin Jonas, its the same one as his oldest son! so to answer you question it is Kevin.

What is the Jonas Brothers' dad's full name?

Paul Kevin Jonas, his name is the same one as his oldest son!

Who is Kevin Jonas II?

that is Kevin Jonas from Jonas Brother he only gets called Kevin Jonas II/ Paul Kevin Jonas II because that's what is on his birth sheet and his dad is called Kevin Jonas I/Paul Kevin Jonas I

Who is Kevin Jonas ll?

Kevin Jonas

Who is the first Kevin Jonas?

the first Kevin Jonas is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers bands dad he is the first

What is the meaning of k2 for Kevin Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is the 2nd Kevin Jonas So, K2= Kevin the second

What was the first son of the Jonas Brothers?

1 st was Kevin, then was joe, then was nick, then was Frankie

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