Does Kakashi marry sakura

Updated: 8/29/2023
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What?! There is no way Kakashi would dishonor himself like that.

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Q: Does Kakashi marry sakura
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Will Sakura and Kakashi ever be together?

No they won't. Sakura does not have romantic feelings for Kakashi, and Kakashi does not have romantic feelings for her.

Will Kakashi and sakura pair up?

There is no indication in the Naruto manga or anime saying that Sakura and Kakashi will pair up. Kakashi is seen more as a father figure to Sakura than an equal.

Who is the master of sakura?

Kakashi Hatake is her master . She was also taught by Tsunade.

Is Ryu Sakura's master?

No, Sakura's master is Kakashi Hatake, but she was also trained by Tsunade.

When does Naruto and Sakura know that Kakashi has a Sharingan?

They know when kakashi fights zabuza in the first arc.

Does Naruto or Sakura get the bell from Kakashi?

Yes, both Naruto and Sakura took a bell. Kakashi was too skilled for them to take a bell outright, so Naruto threatened to ruin the end of Kakashi's book with spoilers. Kakashi covered his ears, and they were able to take the bells.

Who is sakura teamed up with in Shippuden?

naruto, sai and kakashi

What was the Genjustu Kakashi used on Sakura?

It was just a simple genjutsu.

What episodes does Kakashi kill sakura?

Just ignore and delete this.

Who will Kakashi get marry?


Who do Naruto marry Hinata or Sakura?

Naruto isn't marry yet, but he currently loves Sakura.

Is Kakashi going to marry Anko?

* no