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No. Kakashi Gaiden is in Shippuden for both the anime and manga.

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Q: Does Kakashi Gaiden start before Shippuden?
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Is Obito an Akatsuki member?

No, as he died in the Kakashi Gaiden Arc, several years before the start of the series.

Who is the best friend of Kakashi?

Hatake Kakashi's best friend is Uchiha Obito. Obito dies from falling boulders way before the start of Naruto. This is also the why Kakashi gets the Sharingan.

In which episode is Han captured?

It was never seen. He had already been captured before the start of shippuden

What is akkipuden?

Kishimoto said Kakashi Chronicles would start from the beginning were Kakashi was an Academy Student to Kakashi having the Sharingan.

Where did Kakashi get the sharingan?

Kakashi did not start out with the sharingan he got it from his friend in his childhood after his eye was cut in battle.

What day does Naruto Shippuden start?

What day does Naruto: Shippuden start?For Japan: Febuary 15,2007For U.S: October 28,2009

What time will Naruto Shippuden start?

Naruto Shippuden will premire on Disney XD on October 28, 2009

Will Naruto Shippuden air in Malaysia?

Naruto: Shippuden start air in Malaysia at August 13, 2009 by TV3...

When does the new naruto Shippuden start?

The Shippuden (after the fillers that got squished in the middle of them) Have already come out. In America, Shippuuden should start airing on TV sometime this year.

In Shippuden does Sasuke start to love sakura?

no..........he is still arrogant........

Which chapter in the naruto magna does Shippuden start on?

chapter 245

In which volume of the Naruto manga does Shippuden start?

volume 28.