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Unknown, but unlikely.

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Q: Does Justin Bieber take pills to stop his voice breaking?
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What is Justin Bieber's voice?

His voice is amazing

Who has a higher voice Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber?

Justin's voice is higher.

Who sings Dr. Bieber with Justin Bieber?

It is actually Justin Bieber just in a higher pitched voice.

Why they always teasing Justin bieber?

Justin Bieber is getting teased by his high voice.

Will Justin bieber sing again after breaking his voice?

mabye latter in the year? alest i hope so. :)

Is Justin Bieber is a girl?

no his voice sound like a girl but Justin bieber is a boy

What happened to Justin Biebers voice?

Nothing bad happened to Justin Bieber's voice! its amazing

Has justin bieber's voice dropped?


Who has the squeakiest voice in the world?

Justin Bieber

Did Justin Bieber get his voice changed?

he better have not

Will Justin Bieber lose his voice when he hits puberty?

Justin Bieber has already hit puberty, and his voice has been lowered, but he is still singing, even though his voice is diffrent.

Has Justin Bieber broken his voice?

It has become deeper and it is breaking gradually-so yes, it is breaking :) -KreniDivadi It has broken recently apparently so he can't sing anymore according do my friends(Y reli) Cheekylel:) FINALLY!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED, NOT BY ME. TEHE. Bon Voyage.