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he claims no, but has been spotted in LA and Las Vegas with Kat Kelley MMA Ring Girl and playboy model

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As of July 2013, Jonathan Scott is a offensive tackle football player for the Chicago Bears. As of July 2013, the Chicago Bears football player Jonathan Scott is single.

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Q: Does Jonathan Scott from property brothers have a girlfriend?
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What is the sexual orientation of Drew and Jonathan Scott?

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers, are both straight.

What actors and actresses appeared in Property Brothers - 2011?

The cast of Property Brothers - 2011 includes: Andria Barrett as Narrator Drew Scott Drew Scott as Himself - Host Jonathan Silver Scott Jonathan Silver Scott as himself Jonathan Silver Scott as Himself - Host

Where is property brothers buy and sell filmed?

The television show Property Brothers is filmed in Toronto, Canada and Austin, Texas. The show airs on HGTV in the US, and stars brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Are Johnathan and Drew on the Property Brothers Identical twins?

Yes, Jonathan and Drew Scott are identical twins. They are known for their roles on the HGTV show "Property Brothers."

Does Jonathan Scott of property brothers have children?

Drew has 1 child with girlfriend Leah named Annabelle Leah Scott born Nov 24, 2012 in Ontario, Canada.Jonathan has 1 child with girlfriend Hillary Newton named Spencer James Scott born Nov 25, 2012 in Ontario, Canada.

How tall are the property brothers?

Very tall; both are 6'5" tall, according to a magazine interview

How much does property brothers make per episode?

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality show that began on January 4, 2011. The brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are twins that flip houses. Their salary has not been made public.

Does Jonathan Scott have a girlfriend?

His gf is Britni Stanwood

Is Jonathan Silver Scott of the Property brother gay?


How old is Jonathan Scott?

Drew Scott, twin brother of Jonathan Scott, is 39 years old (born April 28, 1978).US singer Drew Ryan Scott (Varsity FanClub) is 29 years old (born June 17, 1988).

Where was the property brothers episode with crystal and Scott taped?

The Property Brothers episode with Crystal and Scott was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. This location provided the backdrop for the transformation of the couple's home as part of the show's renovation process.

Who is Jonathan Scott?

new Girlfriend update as of today Fab Tv spilled the beans he is not single and has a girlfriend, her name is Nikki see his twitter for images of them dating