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Bluntly, Michaels has no college degree whatsoever! Nor does she have the qualifications to be doing what she is on national television. She has hurt more people than helped them, but NBC keeps dishing out the dung, with Michaels shoveling it higher and higher. Only those individuals with little brain power and a ton of gullibility believe such hype. I feel sorry for Americans who trust in such trashy shows, believing that the spokesperson, like Michaels, is the type of person to which they should aspire and trust.

If you want to really get in shape and need help doing so, find a real trainer with a college degree, the proper certifications that are backed by a rigorous amount of demand hours, and years of experience, instead of trusting in the brand of garbage that Michaels and NBC puts out.

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No. She dropped out of college. But she has studied health and wellness very extensively and has many certifications.

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Q: Does Jillian Michaels have a degree?
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