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No twin brother

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Q: Does Jeremy sumpter have a twin sister?
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Who is Jessica sumpter?

Twin sister of Jeremy Sumpter who starred in Peter Pan. . . .

Does Jeremy Sumpter have parents?

Yes, his parents are Gary and Sandy Sumpter. He has a twin sister Jessica and two other siblings Jennifer and Travis. ;)

Who are Jeremy sumpters sisters?

Jeremy Sumpter has 2 sisters. A twin, Jessica and his other sister Jennifer. He also has a brother, Travis.

Does Jeremy sumpter have siblings?

YES, he has a twin sister named Jessica, and two more siblings Travis and Jennifer.

What is the birth name of Jeremy Sumpter?

Jeremy Sumpter's birth name is Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter.

Jeremy sumpter is marry yes or no?

No, Jeremy Sumpter is not married. ;)

Who played Peter Pan in 2003?

Jeremy Sumpter.

What is Jeremy Sumpter's birthday?

Jeremy Sumpter was born on February 5, 1989.

How old was Jeremy sumpter in 2004?

Jeremy Sumpter turned 15 in 2004.

What is Jeremy sumpter middle name?

His full name is Jeremy Robert-Myron Sumpter.

What is Jeremy Sumpter's religion?

Jeremy Sumpter has not publicly disclosed his religious beliefs.

Has Jeremy Sumpter a girlfriend?

yeah sorry Jeremy sumpter fans!