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James and Victoria are in love. So, in a way, i guess he does love her and the attention she gives him.

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Q: Does James just keep Victoria around because of her Self-Preservation power in Twilight Or does he like her and the attention she gives him?
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How did James meet Victoria in Twilight?

James and Victoria kiss in an extended scene. It is just after Laurent, James, and Victoria see the police running from a tree.

Who wants to kill Bella?

Victoria, the crazy vampire, wants to kill Bella in Eclipse because Edward killed her mate, James, in Twilight. But, Victoria gets killed in Eclipse. Laurent, who didn't help try and kill Bella in Twilight, comes back with Victoria in New Moon. Laurent informs Bella that Victoria is angry, and he said, that it would be just easier if he just killed her, right there, in the forest. Bella began to tremble, of the fright that Edward, still gone, after leaving her, wasn't there to protect her. Then, she saw Laurent's eyes widen, and he saw the wolf pack- which her former best friend, Jacob Black, was now a part of because he was now a werewolf. The werewolf pack killed Laurent, leaving Victoria alone and angrier than ever, thinking that Laurent left them in the race to kill Bella earlier, in Twilight.

What is the name of the vampire that wanted to kill Bella?

There are quite a few: In Twilight, James wants to kill Bella In New Moon, Laurent does In Eclipse, Victoria does, In Breaking Dawn, The Volturi and Irina (Denali) do! Twilight Maniac yes the top answers are true but here are their reasons first James wants to kill her because her blood smells so sweet, then Laurent is the same, after that in eclipse Victoria wants to kill her because she blames Bella for her mate Jame's death, and Irina and the Volturi because they thought Renesmee, Bella's half vampire baby was an immortal child which is an illegal creation.

In twilight Why is Jacobs dad in a wheelchair?

Because he was in an accident.

What movie comes first in The Twilight Saga?

I personally think twilight is better but that's just me. I thought it was better because I had a picture in my mind already when she described things because I saw the movie already but that is just my opinion.

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Does James just keep Victoria around in Twilight because of her Self-preservation power or does he like her and the attention she gives him?

He likes both because he is a love machine

At the end of twilight who came out last?

Victoria because she wants revenge

Why are James and Victoria the antagonist of twilight?

because James was tracking for Bella and wanted to kill herwhile Victoria was helping James by searching for Bella's address in Phoenix

What happened to the old Victoria from twighlight?

The actor that played Victoria in Twilight and New Moon was fired. She was fired because she had started to play another character for another movie, because Eclipse was almost done.

Why is Victoria the vampire mean?

If you mean the one from twilight she's mean because she wanted to drink Bella's blood because she smelled 'tasty'

How did James meet Victoria in Twilight?

James and Victoria kiss in an extended scene. It is just after Laurent, James, and Victoria see the police running from a tree.

In Twilight is Voctoria at the prom?

yes Victoria is at the prom because at the end you see her lookin over the balcony at edward and Bella

Why did the original Victoria in twilight leave?

Rachelle Lefevre, the original Victoria in the Twilight saga, was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse due to scheduling conflicts with another film she was working on. These conflicts prevented her from committing to reprise her role in the third movie in the series.

Why is victoria fron twilight bad?

She is mad because Edward and the Cullens killed her mate,James. So In Eclipse,she takes revenge.

Why does the bad vampires after Bella in the book eclipse?

because Victoria, from twilight wants revenge because edward killed her mate James in the first book, so Victoria makes an army of vampires to kill Bella, because Bella is Edwards mate and he he killed hers.

Does James Love Victoria in Twilight?

Yes, James is a tracker vampire who hunts Bella in "Twilight." He does not have any romantic feelings towards Victoria in the series. Victoria is a separate character who becomes James's mate in the "Twilight" saga.

Why is Victoria the antagonist in the book twilight?

Victoria is portrayed as the antagonist in the book "Twilight" because she seeks revenge against Bella and Edward for the death of her mate, James, whom they killed in self-defense. Victoria's anger and desire for vengeance drive her actions throughout the series as she creates danger and threats to Bella and those close to her.