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Q: Does Isaac Hayes have a son named Vincent Hayes?
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Which sibling named their child after van Gogh?

Vincent's brother Theo named his son Vincent.

Had a son name Isaac?

Abraham had a son when he was 100 years old, the son was named Isaac.

Is Michael Lombardi vince lombardi's son?

No, Lombardi bore one son who was named Vincent Henry.

How many children did president Hayes have?

Hayes had eight children: Webb Hayes (son) Bichard Austin Hayes (son) George Crook Hayes (son) Scott Russell Hayes (son) Rutherford Platt Hayes (son) Joseph Thompson Hayes (son) Manning Force Hayes (son) Fanny Hayes (daughter) Joseph, George, and Manning died as infants.

Why is Israel called Israel and who named it?

Modern-day Israel is named after the ancient kingdom of Israel, which was named after Israel (an alternate name for Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham).

Isnt Hayes MacArthur the son of actor James MacArthur danno on Hawaii 50 and grandson of Helen Hayes?

Hayes MacArthur is NOT James MacArthur's son. Hayes is named after the actress Helen Hayes (James' mom) but is no relation to the family. James has four kids, and their names are: Charles, Mary, Juliette, and Jamie.

Did Theo van Gogh have children?

Vincent Van Gogh did not marry and did not have any children.

Is Steve Hayes the son of Woody Hayes?

Steve Hayes, who was a judge in Franklin County, Ohio, is the son of Woody Hayes.

Who did Isaac newton look up to?

Isaac newton looked up to his father who died before his birth, his father was Isaac newton. Isaac his son was named after him.

Who was named after Vincent van gogh?

Vincent was born twice. A year to the day before the famous one, another Vincent van Gogh was born in 1852, stillborn. Also, Vincent's brother named his first and only child Vincent. Vincent was a strong family name, there were also grandparents, and grand uncles named Vincent.

Who is the son of raezelle?

Cyr Vincent is the son of Reazelle from Cyr Vincent THE I.... :)

Was Abraham the father of St. Isaac Jogues?

I believe you have your story confused with the Old Testament Patriarch Abraham who had a son named Isaac, not the same person as St. Isaac Jogues who was born thousands of years after Abraham was dead.