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he don't hates deidara but but one time he told him:Whoa, Whoa, don't put me in the same boat as you Deidara-Chan! I'm not the pussy who had to have his arms reattached by Kakuzu." as you see he insuld him but he called him deidara-Chan and this Chan stands for frendship ,and he don't hates kakuzu he only hates his reason for joining akatsuki (money),sometimes it looks like that he hates everybody but that's only because of that that he is full-mouthed,soo he just have no respect to the other clan members.and jezz and the person he loves the most is his god jashin

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Q: Does Hidan like anybody in akatsuki?
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Who is the worst Akatsuki member ever?

Hidan! Hidan is too whiny,and etc and stupid!

How did akatsuki get hidan into their clan?

Akatsuki isn't a clan it's just an organisation. Hidan joined of his own accord perhaps for the simple thrill of fighting as it appears he did not fully understand the aims of Akatsuki as explained by Pain.

Who become a akatsuki later?

Since Sasuke joined Akatsuki as a temporary ally and Tobi was leading Akatsuki from the shadows, Hidan

How does Asuma die in Naruto?

Hidan from the Akatsuki, killed him.

What is the name for hidans team?

akatsuki, but Hidan isn't the leader.

Is hidan from Naruto really bad?

Of course he is, he's Akatsuki.

Is hidan a pervert?

i do not know whats going through your mind but Hidan is not a pervert, he is just a religious akatsuki member.

Are Hidan and Konan related?

no, konan and hidan are not related. konan (the blue haired ONLY female in the Akatsuki) is not related to the random self mutilating Hidan lol

Who is better hidan or kisame?

Hidan is WAY BETTER! HE'S THE BEST AKATSUKI MEMBER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU DARE DISAGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the nickname for hidan's team?

the name of the organization that's hidan in is akatsuki,his partner was kakuzu and they were called by kisame the zombie brothers

Who is the most popular akatsuki character?

in japan its pain in America its hidan

Who dies in the akatsuki?