Does Goldberg still wrestle

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Since leaving WWE, Goldberg has primarily focused on his acting career. He has commented on his year with WWE in a highly critical fashion, arguing that his character was poorly utilised. In February 2006, several media outlets reported that Goldberg was in negotiations with the professional Wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling; possibly in response to these rumors, semi-retired wrestler Warrior commented on his website that he would be interested in wrestling Goldberg in TNA should TNA approach him with such an offer. In a series of interviews conducted in June 2006, Goldberg stated that he was mildy interested in working for TNA, particularly since his friend Sting had joined the promotion by then, but had several reservations.

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Q: Does Goldberg still wrestle
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Why doesn't Bill Goldberg still wrestle?

he got right arm and couldn't fight any more

Does golberg still wrestle?

As of August 2014, Bill Goldberg is no longer a professional wrestler. He retired in 2004. He is now a professional actor.

Why did goldberg leave?

he said that he didn't want to wrestle anymore

Does he still wrestle?

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Will Goldberg ever wrestle the undertaker?

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When will bill goldberg go back to wrestling?

As of August 2014, Bill Goldberg has no plans to go back to wrestling. He may appear in skits from time to time for WWE, but will not wrestle anymore.

Did bill goldberg died?

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

Did bill Goldberg die?

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

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