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Yes. He smokes weed aswell.

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have gerran howell have shaer

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Q: Does Gerran Howell smoke ciggaretes
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What is the birth name of Gerran Howell?

Gerran Howell's birth name is Gerran Lyn Howell.

What nicknames does Gerran Howell go by?

Gerran Howell goes by Gez.

When is Gerran Howell's birthday?

Gerran Howell was born on February 25, 1991.

How old is Gerran Howell in 2013?

Gerran Howell is 21 years old (born: February 25, 1991).

What is Gerran Howell's msn?

Gerran Howell is an actor and director. is best known for his work portraying Vladimir Dracula in Young Dracula which was a CCBC television series. Gerran Howell doesn’t have any MSN or Facebook page yet.

What song does Gerran Howell sing?


How tall is Gerran Howell?

Gerran Howell (BBC's Young Dracula) is 26 years old (born Feburary 25, 1991).

When was Gerran Howell born?

25th of February 1991

What is your opinion for gerran howell?

that hes sexy xxx

Who plays Vlad in Young Dracula?

Gerran Howell.

What is gerran howell's email address?

What other movies is gerran howell in?

Gerran don't have any big roles in any movies... yet