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no his brother is alive

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Q: Does Eminem's have a dead brother?
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What is eminems half brother's name?

nate or Nathan

Is eminem slim shady brother?

No, Slim Shady is Eminems alter ago.

What is eminems brother name?

nate or Nathan

Is eminems father dead?

he has no way to know cause he's never met him

My cousin said that Eminems daughter Hailey is dead Is this true?

shes obout 13 or 12 shes not dead

Did Eminem's brother died?

Eminem is currently fighting to gain custody of Nathan. Nathan is now 14(I think) and he wants to become a rapper.

Is Nathan Mathers Eminems biological child?

No he is not it his half brother but he has custody over him because their mom is an unfit mother

Who is nate mathers?

nate mathers is eminems 17 year old brother, nate is his nickname. his real name is nathan.

When was My Brother Sam Is Dead created?

My Brother Sam Is Dead was created in 1974.

What is eminems favroite food?

his fave food is eminems the ones with peanuts

Is Chris Brown's brother dead?

No, Chris Brown does not have a dead brother. Chris Brown has never had a brother. He has one older sister.

What book did James Lincoln Collier write?

My Brother sam is Dead My Brother sam is Dead