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Ryan Penner

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Q: Does Dustin penner have any siblings?
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What is Dustin Penner's birthday?

Dustin Penner was born on September 28, 1982.

When was Dustin Penner born?

Dustin Penner was born on September 28, 1982.

How tall is Dustin Penner?

NHL player Dustin Penner is 6'-04''.

What NHL team does Dustin Penner play for?

Dustin Penner plays for the Washington Capitals.

What is Dustin Penner's number on the Washington Capitals?

Dustin Penner is number 17 on the Washington Capitals.

What position does Dustin Penner play?

Dustin Penner plays left wing for the Washington Capitals.

Where was Dustin Penner born?

Dustin Penner was born in Winkler, Manitoba on 09-28-82.

Does Dustin Penner shoot right or left?

NHL player Dustin Penner shoots left.

How much does Dustin Penner weigh?

NHL player Dustin Penner weighs 247 pounds.

How old is Dustin Penner?

Dustin Penner is 28 years old (birthdate: September 28, 1982).

Is Dustin related to alex and Andrew penner?


Who should I trade for in my Hockey Pool Brad Richards Ryan Smyth Milan Hejduk Vaclav Prospal or Dustin Penner?

Either Vaclav Prospal or Dustin Penner. Prospal plays on the same line as Marian Gaborik, which makes it hard for him not to do well. Penner got 32 goals and 31 assists last year.