Does David Witts smoke

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, have you seen how white his teeth are, asif he's going to have such bright teeth, if he smoked.

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Q: Does David Witts smoke
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What is the birth name of David Witts?

David Witts's birth name is David Peter S. Witts.

What nicknames does David Witts go by?

David Witts goes by Davey.

How old is David Witts?

David Witts is 26 years old (birthdate June 30, 1991).

Where is david witts from eastenders is from?


What is david witts number?


Who is david witts girlfriend?


How old is david witts from eastenders?

He is 20 :)

What is david witts middle name?


Was david witts in Tracy beaker?

No, David Witts did not appear in Tracy Beaker. He is known for his role in the TV show "EastEnders" as Joey Branning.

When was david witts born?

David Witt was born on 1973-06-02.

What is Joey Branning's real name from eastenders?

David Witts

How old is david witts aka joey branning from eastenders?