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no stupido

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Q: Does Chris Jericho play an Instrument in Fozzy?
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What movie did Chris Jerico play in?

Chris Jericho has appeared in five movies. These include: MacGruber, Albino Farm, Android Apocalypse, WWE: Survivor Series 2009 and Fozzy: Unleashed, Uncensored, Unkown.

Does chris Jericho really hate fans?

No, Chris Jericho does not really hate fans. That is all part of the 'bad guy' that he has to play on Smackdown.

What instrument did the soldiers play at the battle of Jericho?

they played rams horns

What NFL team does Fozzy Whittaker play for?

Fozzy Whittaker plays for the Cleveland Browns.

What position does Fozzy Whittaker play?

Fozzy Whittaker plays Running Back for the Cleveland Browns.

What college did NFL player Fozzy Whittaker play for?

NFL player Fozzy Whittaker played for Texas.

What instrument did Chris Perez play?

Jellyfish tentacles

What instrument does chris martin from clodplay regularly play?


Y2J means what?

He debuted in the WWF around the year 2000, so Y2J, was a play on the Y2K scare.

What does y2j stand for?

It was an acronym Chris Jericho used when he debuted with the WWE (then WWF). He debuted near the turn of the millenium, so Y2J is a play on the Y2K scare from 1999-2000

Where was the instrument ching-chub used?

The instrument the "Ching-Chub" is named by the sound it makes while being played. The instrument is frequently played in Thai bands, and has been used at least once by Chris Martin of Cold Play.

What instrument did Ralph Vaughan Williams play or did he play an instrument?

no he did not play an instrument he had a girlfriend that did though