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Younger Women about the age of 13yrs. old

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2007-07-27 22:24:17
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Q: Does Chris Brown like older or younger women?
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Does Chris Brown date younger women?

no no

Does Jesse McCartney prefer older or younger women?

He prefers younger women

Why are younger women treated so poorly by older women?

Because younger woman are Sexy than older woman

Why does older women hate on younger women?

In love relationships, older women hate on younger women because it is easier to find a couple. In the daily, older women hate on younger because they are most likely to do stupid things and live a 'Partying' life. - Camilarv

Why do older women want to younger men?

Some older women want younger men because they make them feel younger. They may also find younger men physically attractive.

website for younger men dating older women?

If a younger man is seeking older women, there are many dating sites out there. One of the most popular sites is, which is perfect for men seeking older women.

Do older women often marry younger men?

the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

Was Chris Brown a women?

No what type of mess is that!!!!!

Does chris brown like older women?

apparnetly so if ho goes out with rihanna and like beyonc`e and like tyra banks

What population does lupus affect?

women mostly younger women, but sometimes older.

Is it okay for younger women to date older men?

absolutely!! young men are great fun for older women!!

What is it called when younger women like older men?

Younger women who like older men are simply called cheetah. Since when a younger girl goes after an older man they try and get with him just as fast as a cheetah would catch its prey in the wild.

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