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yes.... he doesnt like fake or uptight girls.... and he doesnt want a girl in the entertainment industry

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Q: Does Chris Brown like down to earth girls?
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Is Chris Brown a down to earth person?

Yes Chris is down to earth

Does Chris Brown only like black girls?

== == most likely not cuz if he did the people wouldn't say he was down to earth

How can you get Chris Brown to like you?

He just likes people who are down to earth.

Who sings that song that goes take you down where the girls are pretty?

Chris Brown <---8 wrong no its guns and roses paradise city

When will Chris Brown sing take u down again?

Chris Brown will sing "Take U Down" again on his next tour.

Which music video is Chris Brown shirtless?

Chris Brown is shirtless in the Take You Down music video.

Did rihanna file a lawsuit against Chris Brown?

No Rihanna did not press charges against Chris Brown.

What does chris brown's song take you down mean?

It means sex.

Is Rihannas song Man Down deadicated to chris brown?


Which song is better Take you down by Chris Brown or Naked by Marquez Houston?

Take You Down

Which song is better take you down by Chris Brown or closer by ne yo?

take down

Chris Brown and Ciara?

No. Ciara and Chris Brown preformed 'Take U Down' on B.E.T, but there is no romantic involvement. It's also rumored that Chris Brown will be featured in a collaboration on Ciara's new CD 'Fantasy Ride'.