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No he doesnt!!

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Q: Does Chris Brown have cancer anymore?
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Does Chris Brown like Rihanna?

No, Chris Brown does not like Rihanna anymore.

Is Chris Brown going out with Natalie?

No not anymore.

Where has Chris Brown got cancer?


Will chris brown die from his cancer?


Are Chris Brown and Rihanna getting serious?

No not anymore. They were when they were dating.

Is Rihanna in hospital?

not anymore but she was when chris brown beat her up

Is Chris Brown with kayne west ex wife?

not anymore

What school does Chris Brown go to?

He went to school when he was younger.Chris Brown does not go to school anymore.

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna going out together?

No they use to go out, but not anymore.

How long is Chris Brown staying in prison?

he's not in prison anymore...

Is Chris Brown's disease curable?

No DiseaseAs far as we the public knows Chris Brown does not have a disease. Chris Brown has never said he has a disease, so if Chris Brown does have a disease we won't know until he tells the public.

Rihana and chris still together?

no they are not together any more. well rihanna want to be with chris brown but chris donsn't want to be with her anymore.