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JayBon: LMAO you are sad cbdude lmao chris old s/n wuz Jeruze... Now his artist has his name something about someone leak his name but every cbdude full of ish...::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::yes he does check it out at cbdude
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Chris Brown Real Private Aim Screen Name Is iiChrisBrown .. Have Fun !!

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Q: Does Chris Brown have a aim screenname?
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What is Chris Brown's aim screenname?

Chris Browns Real Aim Screen Name Is iiChrisBrown ..have Fun!!

Could you chat with Chris Brown on aim?

if chris brown has an aim you definetly could but he might not he probably does from my caculations its a 75% chance chris does have an aim but what about the other 15%

Celebrity AIM names?

destinychicka100 this is Myliey Cyrus's AIM screenname

What is demilavato's aim screenname?

Does varsity fanclub have a aim screenname?


How do make an aim?

Go to and go to the AIM tab. Click get a screenname and do the rest.

What is Chris Brown's AIM user name?


How do we get to know Miley Cyrus?

aim is a good way her screenname is mileymandybff

What is Joe Jonas aim screen names?

Joes screenname is joeiamz9234 .

What is Chris Brown's aim password?

Nobody knows besides Chris Brown because it is his password and passwords are meant to be kept a secret from other people.

What Chris Brown AIM?

I don't know but if chris brown or anybody who knows chris brown. CHRIS BROWN will you comme to my Birthday Party January20,2009 if you can leave a comment right under Im youre biggest fan EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Chris Brown have a screenname?

Yes he does, but i promised him i wouldn't tell anybody because it is his private business and he trusted me to not tell anybody. If you want it that badly, you can try to find the information yourself. GOOD LUCK!!