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No, Micah and Kamal are not twins.

Micah is the youngest among Ahmad (Real) and Kamal (Chance).

In order:

Micah, Ahmad, Kamal.

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No they are not. See their family tree at I know what you mean though, they look EXACTLY alike.

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Q: Does Chance Kamal Givens have a twin brother named Micah?
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How old is Micah Givens?

Micah Givens was born in 1982 or 1983. He and "Chance" (Kamal Givens) look like twins, and "Chance" was born March 25, 1981. "Real" (Ahmad Givens) was born in 1982 and died in 2015. *One source had Ahmad the oldest brother, followed by Kamal (1 year younger) and then Micah.

Are chance and real really brothers?

Yes, their names are Ahmad "Real" Givens and Kamal "Chance" Givens

What are the names of the members of Stallionaires?

Ahmad (Real),Kamal (Chance) and Micah Givens.

What is real and chances brother real name?

admad kamal and micah

Is ahmad and kamal givens brothers?

no Kamal (chance) is the younger brother and Ahmad (Real) is the oldest. The youngest brother is Micah.They have another brother named Shawn,who is the oldest of all of them.There are 4 brothers.

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What is Ahmad Givens birthday?

The unique musical group, The Stallionaires, Ahmad, 31, Kamal, 30, and Micah Givens, almost 29 were raised on an Arabian horse ranch in Northern California prior to relocating to Los Angeles.

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Does Chance from Real Chance of Love have a twin?

yes his name is Micah i believe...I dont know if they are twins are just brothers that look a like

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