Does Chad kiss Sonny at all?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes. In 'Sonny with a Kiss' they do.

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Q: Does Chad kiss Sonny at all?
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What episode will chad kiss Sonny in Sonny With a Chance?

Sonny with a kiss.

Do Sonny and Chad kiss on Sonny With a Chance?

they do kiss in the Season 2 episodes sonny with a kiss!

Does sonny kiss chad in any more episode?

yes they do the kiss in Sonny With A choice after Sonny breaks up with Chad because he ordered a re-count. They kiss because Chad come to Sonny's house and sings to her and then she forgives him and then they kiss.

In Sonny With a Chance who kisses who does chad kiss Sonny or the other way around?

Sonny Kisses Chad

When do Chad and Sonny kiss?

'Sonny with a Kiss'They kiss in season 2. In one of the last episodes!! They kiss on the cheek many times but in "Sonny with a Grant" (MAYBE I DON'T HAVE TO MUCH INFO) or in "Sonny with a Kiss". In "Sonny with a kiss", Sonny has the idea of kissing Chad but I don't think she does.

What happens on Sonny with a kiss?

she doesn't kiss chad

Do Sonny and chad kiss before 2010?

Well it's 2010 and no kiss so (sadly) no kiss between Chad and Sonny before 2010. Let's all pray it's coming soon though! :)

In what episode do sonny and Chad kiss?

Season 2 episode 21 (sonny with a kiss)!

Sonny and Chad kiss in which episode?

Season 2 episode 21 (Sonny With A Kiss)

What episode in season 2 do sonny and chad kiss?

Uh, no. in episode 14, Chad hosts a celebrity prank show, that has nothing to do with Sonny and Chad's relationship.

Will sonny and chad kiss on Sonny With a Chance?

They probably will! Go to youtube and type demi lovato soundcheck q&a. Someone asks if there will be a kiss. She's like there probably is going to be a kiss between sonny and chad. All the girls are like woo hoo!

Do chad and sonny kiss in Sonny With a Chance?

Well,so far Sonny and Chad went on a fake date and had a fake kiss where Sonny put her hand over Chad's mouth (search "Sonny With A Chance of Dating"),and Demi Lovato,who plays Sonny,said that Sonny and Chad will share a kiss,and in "Falling for the Falls" they start dating,but in a future episode I saw on Wikipedia,it is entitled "Sonny With A Kiss"!