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he has a sister Stacy Colon July 31, 2008 He has one brother Eddie, and two sisters Stacy and Melissa

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Q: Does Carlito Colon have a sister?
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Is carlito colon puertorican?


When is Carlito Colon's birthday?

February 21

Who is carlitos colon brother?

Primo is Carlito's brother

Is Carlito and Primo real brothers?

In real life, yes they are. They are the sons of Carlos Edwin Colón, Sr.

Does Carlito Colon have kids?

no he doesn`t...he`s single

Where are the wrestling schools in Puerto Rico?

Vega Baja Carlito Colon is the coach there.

Does carlito colon have a brother?

his brothers name is Eddie but when he came to wwe his name was primo

Does Carlos Colon Sr have kids?

Both of his sons wrestle for WWE. Carlito, and Primo

Who was the first WWE unified tag team champions?

The Colons Carlito Colon and Primon Colon by beating The Miz & Morrison at Wrestlemania 25

Where is Carly colon?

Carlito aka Carly Colon is wrestling in Puerto Rico as of right now...rumor has it that he's supposed to be coming back to WWE soon to work with his brother Primo Colon and his cousin Epico Colon...

Who would you use for Primo Colon in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

i would use carlito

Did carlito and primo have a tag team name?

Carlito and Primo are real life brothers and their tag team name reflected on that. They went by the name ''Los Colons'' which translates in English to ''The Colons'' cause their last names are both ''Colon''.