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Yes, he likes girls that like to dance or sing and are funny with long hair, smart and an actress.

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Yes a lot! No one would of knew him if he weren't on Jessie:) I love u cameron

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Q: Does Cameron Boyce want a girl?
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Do Cameron Boyce want a black girl or a white?

He said it doesn't matter as long as there cool

Have Cameron Boyce kissed a girl?

I think ?

Cameron Boyce hi?

If you want to chat with Cameron Boyce, then you can follow him at @RealCameronBoyce from app for android.

What grade is Cameron Boyce in 2013?

cameron boyce is going to 7th grade and there is a girl name kelsey freeman he loves

What is everything about Cameron Boyce?

cameron boyce`s birthday is may 28,1999 and he loves a girl named kelsey freeman

What is Cameron Boyce's girl cousins name?


What Cameron Boyce like in a girl?

Cameron Boyce is 13 so I think he likes girls that's in his age also I he's lokking for a girl that sports and are funny!

Does Cameron boyce from Jessie want to do drugs?

No, Cameron Boyce from Jessie does not want to do drugs. There are a lot of rumors about actors and actresses that aren't true, and this is one of them.

What girl does Cameron boyce like?

Don'r really know.

Does Cameron boyce have a girl?

NO. There is a girl that he is in love with and her name is Julia Bedford. Julia loves Cameron too, she just has a boyfriend.

What is Cameron Boyce's occupation?

Cameron Boyce is a/an Actor

What is Cameron boyce's sisters name?

Cameron Boyce's sister's name is Maya Boyce.