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Yes, yes she does alot :)

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Q: Does Brooke Schmidt love Lindsey
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Why does Lindsey leave lucas One Tree Hill?

Lindsey leaves Lucas because his love only devotes to Peyton or Brooke. And Lindsey needs to find out who Lucas is in love with. Lindsey also leaves him because not only the situation that Lucas is in love with Peyton or Brooke, their love isn't as happy as others. And Lucas needs to find out where he should take his heart and leave it with. Well this is what i know Lindsey edited Lucas's book The Comet but on the day of their wedding she sees that Peytons car is named comet and she realized that the book was all about his love for Peyton

Who is madi schmidt in love with?

Chris schmidt

Is Brooke Schmidt special in the head?

Hell yes but she has secrets you guys better find out or else:)

Who is in love with Patrick simoneau?

brooke parr brooke parr

Is brooke schmidt blonde?

Yes she really is she doesnt even know how to spell her best friends name :o

Does Tyler love brooke?

No you creep!

Does Buster Posey love Lindsey Kosaki?

yes NO

Does brooke apps love brendan cook?

she does not love him christie apps does

Who do you pick Kendall Schmidt or James Maslow?

I love Kendall better, but I also love James.. But I Think I'd have to go with Kendall Schmidt. <3

Who is brooke day in love with?

she isn't in love with ne onebut she does like someone

Does carlin love Lindsey more?

yes without a doubt

Who else likes Lindsey Stirling?

I don't like her, I love her