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It is totally inappropriate to ask about whether a teenage or adult female has begun to menstruate, e.g. have monthly periods. WikiAnswers does not violate the personal privacy of persons, whether celebrity or famous, or non-celebrity or non-famous....or character.

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Q: Does Brooke Marie Hyland from Dance Moms have her period?
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Who is Brooke from dance moms dating?

Brooke's last name is Hyland.

What is brooke hyland middle name?

Brooke Marie Hyland

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Paige's middle name is Mackenzie. Her full name is Paige Mackenzie Hyland. Her older sister Brooke's middle name is Marie. There for her full name is Brooke Marie Hyland. and their brother's name is Josh Hyland. Hope this helps!

What is Brooke's middle name from dance moms?


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This is from all seasons of Dance Moms. The list is alphabetical order by last name.Peyton-Ackerman (Mom is Leslie)Nia-Frazier (Mom is Holly)Brooke-Hyland (Mom is Kelly, younger sister is Paige)Paige-Hyland (Mom is Kelly, older sister is Brooke)Chloe-Lukasiak (Mom is Christi)Kendall-Vertes (Mom is Jill)Mackenzie-Ziegler (Mom is Melissa, older sister is Maddie)Maddie-Ziegler (Her mom is Melissa, younger sister is Mackenzie)All of the mothers share the same last name as their daughters.

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