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for them it's a HAPPY ending

because they all graduated and still they are friends.

for me it's a HALF HAPpY ending

because the story is not enough!

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Q: Does Azumanga Daioh have a sad or happy ending?
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What is a play with a sad or happy ending called?

A play with a sad ending is called a tragedy, while a play with a happy ending is called a comedy.

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It ends with a happy and sad ending.

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A comedy has a happy ending (and can be amusing) and a tragedy has a sad ending

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Which disney films originally had a sad ending and changed it to a happy ending?

Power rangers, the little mermaid, titanic, and thats all i know

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Why were some of shaksperes plays discribed as tragedies?

In Greek plays, a happy ending is a comedy and a sad ending is a tragedy. That is the way Shakespeare's plays were categorized.

What is the term for when angels or cherubs fly in from offstage and change a sad ending to a happy ending in opera or old theater?

Deus ex machina - God in the machine

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Should the ending of Romeo and Juliet be rewritten?

If you rewrite the ending of a story, you change the story. If you took away the sad ending of Romeo and Juliet, it might be a happy love story (Shakespeare wrote a lot of happy love stories) but it wouldn't be Romeo and Juliet any more.