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It is implied in episode 9 (when they go on a "date", because Tomomi does not want to lose Hino to Selnia .

(Hino and Selnia shared a kiss in the last episode because he saved her from drowning, but they did not know that Tomomi was watching)

He said that when he grew up, he wanted to be a bride (Tomomi tricked him into believing that it was a proffesion while they were children, so when he told his classmates that he wanted to be a bride when he grew up, they laughed and she got her laughs)

Hino reveals at the end of the episode that he always wanted to be her "bride", meaning that he has always had feelings towards her but because she is so manipulative, she is distrustful. Upon hearing this, she realises that she shares these feelings but hasn't realised it until this point. Unfortunately, the episode ends before we can find out what happens.

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Q: Does Akiharu Hino love Saikyou Tomomi from Ladies vs Butlers?
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