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There were a few instances where she seemed to be more attracted, but I think she likes Ranma for who he is and not what his body does. That's how I view it, but I'll let someone else answer this.

Well, I think Akane likes the way Ranma is. It doesn't matter what his body looks like.

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Q: Does Akane like girl-type Ranma more than boy-type Ranma?
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Does Ranma's voice sound like Inuyasha?

Yes: they are played by the same voice actor. In the Japanese, it is Kappei Yamaguchi, while in English, he is voiced by Richard Cox, who provided the voice of guy-type Ranma.

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When is Ranma in Akane's room?

Ranma has been in Akane's room many times like in the episode "Ryoga's Tendo dojo House guest diary" and in the episode when ranma becomes effeminate, but i especially liked the episode "ukyo's secret sauce part 1 and 2" because that was the best episode where ranma and akane had to be together in one room :) i wont spoil but that episode cracked me up (okay I'll spoil a little) because akane mistook ranma for pchan in a dream and hugged him, hahaha :D

Does ranma like shampoo?

Haha nope! He does recognize that she is very cute, but she's always trying to drug him and make him hers, and so with that he doesn't and plus he fell for Akane =).

Does Ranma kiss Akane?

no but if u heared about ranma's behaviour around cat and then he act like a cat the he kisses her and there was the wedding( un-forced, this time they wanted to get married) they were going to but there were a crowed a cretin women and men who didnt want them to get married

What is ranma 12?

About a 16 year old boy named Ranma Saotome, who studies martial arts and is pretty darn good at it but due to a mishap while sparring and falling into a cursed spring of Jusenkyo in China, Ranma becomes cursed from the spring which now allows him to become half girl, his dad Genma now being a panda (if splashed with cold water, hot water turns them back) Being dragged back to Japan by his dad, Ranma finds out that he is to be wed to his dad's best friend Soun Tendo's, daughter. So they both move back in with the Tendo family hoping to reunite the dojos between the two families but Ranma and his new Fiancee, Akane Tendo don't get long a lot of the time due to Akane's grudge against men, and to make matter's worst, Ranma's lack of sensitivity at times. With his curse of being a girl, attracting all the weirdo's across Japan, odd battles, misunderstandings, and as each day goes by, Akane starts to real Ranma isn't as bad of a guy as she thought, she maybe actually 'like him' and Ranma himself might be falling for this tomboy .

Are there any shows like Ranma?

Try Maison Ikkoku. The same person who drew/wrote Ranma 1/2, did this anime/manga as well :).

Does ranma ever get rid of the?

The question isn't finished but I assume suitors or rivals, or his curse? So I'll answer those. His suitors. Ranma likes the attention, and it fills his head that he's a lady man. Really the two suitors that get on his nerves are Kodachi and when Shampoo pounces him. No one likes being poisoned and knocked out to be taken advantage of per say, no one likes being knocked over and then get punched to the face by Akane. Ranma see's Ukyo as just his friend, and Shampoo is too stubborn to get it. Kodachi is just plain insane. Rivals. Ryoga is like Ranma frienimie, friend but enemy in the battle of love. Kuno, is pretty stupid and stubborn like his sister but not a nut case. Mousse won't back off unless Shampoo backs off from Ranma. His curse. My goodness he comes so close but, no he never cures it. He is given the Nannichuan at the very end of the Manga but it's kind of the course of the Anime/Manga he is never cured.

Ranma when does he wear the blue shirt?

Ranma starts wearing a blue shirt several times in the OVA like in OVA 7 and 8 ranma special: reawakening memories and in the tendo family Christmas special OVA 2 :D hope that helped :D

Does Ranma's voice sound like Inuyasha?

Yes: they are played by the same voice actor. In the Japanese, it is Kappei Yamaguchi, while in English, he is voiced by Richard Cox, who provided the voice of guy-type Ranma.

What is the name of the girl in ranma that wears a purple dress and has brown hair?

It sounds like you're talking about Tsubasa, if not probably Ukyo.

What are some anime like Inuyasha and Ranma with the kind of romance where they don't like each other in the beginning but then their relationship grows and the guy is insensitive with a sweet side?

Rurouni Kenshin is like that

What episode does ranma slam shampoo into a wall?

That sounds like the first episode from the OAV Shampoo's Sudden Switch - The Curse of the Contrary Jewel.

Why does shampo love ranma?

Personally I have been kind of wondering this too. I felt it was kind of based on that she was just going by the Amazon laws, if a man defeats her she is to be wedded to him. Over time, it kind of became a territorial thing but may have been Ranma's dependence and "looks" that had made her actually like him, haha.