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the answer is exact the person who just asked this question is a HOMO

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Q: Do you wee the same amount as you drink?
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Can you drink and wee at the same time?

Yes, as your bladder and neck muscles can work at the same time.

How do you drink your wee?

somehow get your whole family to wee in a bucket for a whole season , then get a cup, scoop wee up then drink it -YUCK-

Why do you have to wee?

because we drink

Is wee a drink?


Do people drink their own wee?

Do you drink yours?

Where does wee come from?

What you drink gos though your body and comes out as wee

What can you drink and comes out the same colour as you drank it?

apple jucie because it is yellow and you wee out yellow pee

Why do you wee so much?

because you have a small bladder or not very strong 'wee wee' muscles and you drink a lot

Is the water safe to drink in Indonesia?

Some of the rivers its part of where the amimals might wee in there and the indonesian people might drink the wee

How do you get nail polish from carpeting?

spit on your brothers head and then drink dog wee wee

How old was Herr Steinbeck when he invented jally babies?

he stinks like poo and was Victorian he once said "wee wee drink your wee wee" i am oiwuehfbioclugvbrftr

What is beyonce's fave drink?

wee ! eww