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yeah sure

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Q: Do you want to do belly zerbert with rihanna?
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What is a zerbert?

A zerbert is a slang term for the noise someone makes when they place their mouth against the skin and blow, similar to flatulence. The term was originally used in The Cosby Show.

Does Chris Brown want to get Rihanna pregnant?

No, Chris Brown does not want to get Rihanna pregnant. They are no longer together.

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type in rihanna at the search bar then all the people of rihanna will come up.Then go find the rihanna you want.

Do Chris Brown still want to be with Rihanna?

Chris Brown is over Rihanna.

I want to go to the Super Bowl Fan Jam where Rihanna and Justin Bieber will perform but I'm not allowed to listen to Rihanna and I want to hear Justin Bieber what do i do?

Call chris nrown. he will take care of rihanna for you.

Is Rihanna proactive?

hi rachell and brittney. yes she is if you want to know more type the question how is rihanna proactive

When Chris Brown and Rihanna had the fight did Rihanna hit Chris Brown with a shoe?

Chris Brown want pompom

Is Rihanna's baby do in March?

? Impossible. If it was due in March (as of today) she would be looking like she was pegnant by now. Theres no belly bump

How old was rihanna when she sang if its loving that you want?

She was 17.

Can Rihanna come to your birthday?

if u want rihanna 2 sing at ur bday it costs £500,000 i read it my mag

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna stop dating?

Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and didn't want to get back together with him.

What song has the lyrics i don't want to do this anymore i don't want to be the reason why?

Unfaithful by Rihanna