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Yes because they would both make a good couple

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No. Olivia Wilde is married to the son of an Italian prince. They're just starring in a movie together.

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Q: Do you think Garrett Hedlund will go out with Olivia Wilde?
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Where is Olivia wilde from?

I think Olivia Wilde came from New York City U.S. But where she lives: Olivia Wilde Hamilton Hodell 5th floor 66-68 Margaret Street London W1W 8SR UK Secondary Address: Olivia Wilde William Morris Endeavor Entertainment 9601 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd floor Beverly Hills,CA 90210-5213 USA Phone: (310)285-9000

Is actress Olivia Wilde Elizabeth Taylor's daughter?

I think she was married to her son Michael Wilding, Jr.

Is Olivia wilde left or right handed?

i think she's a lefthander,she smokes and writes mostly with her left hand

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Who is Christopher Wilde?

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