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Singing is like talking you need to breath to sing, or make any noise at all. If you didn't breath while you sang you would faint then go unconscious, and in the end you might die if you would not keep breathing

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well I don't really know when i sing i just sing when i need a breath i breathe but sometimes with the song but i was a trumpeter so i have good lungs and i am 12 so I might not know as much as 20 year old but yeah do what feels right

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Q: Do you need to pressure your stomach when you breathe to sing?
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How do you sing higher notes?

1st thing you need to do is dont drink cold water 2nd find a vocal coach so that you can improve better 3rd hold your stomach and breathe in 4th bend back and close your eyes 5 succes

How can you support your sound while singing cause right now your pushing to get your sound out and your singing is breaking apart please be specific on what you need to do and your a 16yr fmle 2nd so?

Make sure that you use your diaphragm to breathe. When you breathe, don't raise your shoulders, but expand your stomach area. A good exercise for this is to lay on your back and put a book on your stomach and make the book move up when you breathe in and down when you breathe out. Also, make sure that you aren't straining your throat when you sing. This may sound weird, but think about singing as just opening your mouth and letting the sound out.

Why do singers hold their stomach when they sing?

they do it because that's where they can hold notes, when they tighten their stomach to sing higher

What do people do for singing technique?

there are many different ways to improve your singing technique. I would start with the correct way to breath and breathe support. when you take a deep breath try to expand your stomach instead of your upper chest. your chest should not move while your stomach expands. when you sing contract your abs and control the breathe as you release it. You can practice this by laying on the ground with a heavy book such as a dictionary on your stomach. try to make the book rise as you take a breathe in. Let me know if this is of any help!:)

What is the best way to breathe in order to sing better?

well you need to try to take a deep breath through your mouth and let it out to see how long you can hold it for. when you breath in make sure you can feel it in your back and lower stomach. i am a soprano in my choir class so this is the technique i was taught to use. you!

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What should you do if you are scared to sing for a talent show?

I actually have a talent show today and I am just as nervous, trust me!!! But, you (and I) need to first take some deep breaths before performing. Don't breathe too quickly while singing, you need to sing from your diaphragm. Feel just above your rib cage and breathe slowly. This is relaxing AND it helps your singing voice. Also, look above the audience. This gives them the illusion you are looking at them.

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why cant you sing from the diaphragm?

It is not possible to sing from the diaphragm because singing requires one to breathe a lot of air which the diaphragm cannot hold.

How do you sing and hold long notes?

Breath support is perhaps the most important part of singing. It is mandatory to fill the bottom of your lungs: this means your ribcage and shoulders should not move when you breathe, but your stomach should protrude (stick out). If you feel you don't understand or simply cannot breathe that way, try breathing while lying flat on your back; the bottom of your lungs will fill naturally. Once you've learned to breathe properly, inhale as much air as you can and push with your diaphragm to sing. RELAX YOUR THROAT! Never put very much pressure on your throat while singing because this leads to vocal fatigue. If you follow the breath support suggestions, you should be able to hold notes for several seconds more than by employing any other method.

when you sing?

when you sing you want to use your stomach and you want to open your soft pallet like when you want to yawn that is when you open your soft pallet.