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Not when they are incidental and are things sold to the general public. In fact , many companies PAY the movies for what they call product placement.They like to keep their products in the public eye .

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Q: Do you need permission to use car names and logos in movies?
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Do you need permission to use music in movies?

Yes, if it is covered by copyright.

Does one need a license to sell merchandise with an NFL team logo?

Yes. Logos are registered trademarks of the team. You would need the permission of the team to sell something you made that has the logo of a team on it. How do you go about getting permission to use team logos? And do you need permission to use team fight songs? The NFL actually has a web site set up to answer this question. Take a look at for all of the information that you'll need about licensing an NFL team logo.

How do you obtain copyright permission to use NBA Team logos on t-shirts?

You would need to contact each team's licensing or business affairs department.

Can you tell me the Company logos with names?

You need to be more specific, vehicle companies? travel insurance companies? something else?

Do you need special permission to use remixes and from who?

You would need permission from the rightsholders of each of the works involved. For example, if you're combining recordings of three songs and snippets of two movies, you would need permission from the publishers of each of the three songs, the labels of each of the three recordings (often separate from the song), and the studios of the two movies. Fees vary wildly based on your intended use.

When writing an autobiography can people still living have their names used?

Yes, but you need permission from them to use it.

Why do students need a permission slip for a PG-13 movies at school?

Because some times PG-13 movies include things like sex, murder, harassment, unappropreate words... etc.

Is it illegal to copy and paste music and movies?

Yes. It is illegal to copy and paste music and movies. You need expressed permission from the labels to do that. That's what copyright protection is (and DRM).

Is it copyright if you use the chase logo for school campaign?

Depending on the use, you would most likely need permission from the copyright holder. One example where you would not need permission is if your school was advertising, say, what local businesses are accepting donations of canned goods; in that case, you would be able to include the logos of each of the businesses. There is case law to support this usage.

When do you need permission to copy?

I need permission to copy when I'm at school.

How do you get permission from a NFL team to use their trademark?

Assuming you even need permission (which is not always true), you can contact the NFL for information about the requirements for your use. Many uses do not require any permission at all, depending upon which mark and how it is to be used. For example, the name of the team is a trademark, but you would not need permission to simply put that name into a list of names, or other description of the team, for example.

Need the names of all transformers movies?

There's Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, and Transformers: Dark of The moon.