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All TVs including new ATSC Digital ones use the same frequencies as older NTSC Analog sets. An amplified antenna is recommended because there is a threshold where a weak analog signal will be visible (with considerable static) but a digital tuner will not have sufficient strength to display a digital (no noise or static) picture. Outdoor roof Antennas work great as well, you don't need an HDTV antenna, discount stores should have one for around $30.

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You will need a antenna if you don't have cable or Satellite.

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Q: Do you need antenna to receive digital signals on LCD TV the TV has a built in HDTuner Can we use indoor antenna?
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What is a digital antenna?

A digital antenna is a device that allows the user to receive digital television signals from varying distances, depending on where they live. There are three main varieties of basic indoor antennas that will allow the user with a strong television signal to receive digital signals. These are the UHF, VHF and combined UHF/VHF. There are other models for homes that receive weaker signals, including those designed for placement outside of the home.

Will a digital tv still receive and process an analog signal from an outdoor antenna?

No. There will be no analog signal to receive and process from the outdoor antenna. The only signal coming from the outdoor antenna will be digital. When the conversion is complete. You will need to hook up your antenna directly to the TV. Your conversion box will be worthless as far as analog to digital is concerned.

What can one do with a DTV antenna?

A DTV antenna is used to capture digital television signals. By law, all television signals in the United States must be digital, and this type of antenna is used by customers who do not subscribe to satellite or cable services.

Why does a tv with built in ntsc-atsc tuner do not pick up antenna signals?

On the settings or set up menu the tuner might not be set to receive off air signals or might be in the cable mode or it might be in the analog mode and you no longer have any analog stations to receive. Check to see if you are in the digital and antenna modes.

Do you still need a HD antenna on your TV if it has ATSC built in to it?

To receive Broadcast Television Signals of NTSC Analog or ATSC Digital a television antenna is needed. If the TV has ATSC built in , then a converter box will not be needed.

Motorola digital cable box?

A Motorola digital cable box is used to changed an analog television to digital viewing. The cable box needs to be connected to a receiver such as a roof antenna and then to the television. The television then has to scan the box to locate signals that it can receive.

Why does a GPS have an antenna?

Because in order to do what it's supposed to do, it has to receive signals directly from orbiting satellites.

What uses a digital signal?

Many television stations have been using digital signals for at least 30 years. They turned them into analog signals at the antenna for broadcast. Now they are simply leaving them in their original form.

Computers send and receive data in the form of signals?


What are three ways televisions can receive electronc signals?

Off air through your own antenna, cable and satellite.

How are digital signals in radio broadcast converted to analog signals inside digital transmission equipment before sending the signals to the antenna for transmission?

The digital signals is not converted BACK to analog! it is transmitted in digital form and the receiver is converting it back to analog to drive the speakers. The signal from the microphone is converted from analog to digital with an A/D converter chip, digital signals consist of pulses of different lengths that is switching the transmitter on and off in about the same way as the old Morse code transmissions but at a much higher rate (millions of times higher)

Which stores sell converter boxes for old TV sets that are not equipped to receive digital signals?

At you will be able to find a great variety of converter boxes for old TV sets that are not equipped to receive digital signals, and the prices are affordable