Do you like Katie and Sadie from total drama action?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO!!!!!! they are sooooooooo annoying and might i ad very uggly....... if u like them u should be ashamed very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very.......... ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Do you like Katie and Sadie from total drama action?
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Is saddie in tda?

My sister watches TDA, and since Sadie and Katie failed to join in with the others during "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Island". Thus,Sadie will not appear in "Total Drama Action". However, in the 2 TDA Aftermaths, they will appear as the commenter on the sidelines.

Why did Katie get voted off on total drama island?

she got voted off because her and sadie lost the challenge for their team so it was either her or sadie.

Is there going to be a total drama island 2?

Yes,it will be called Total Drama Action. Lindsay will be in it! Jstin and Katie did not make it. :(

Who plays sadie from total drama island?

Lauren Lipson plays Sadie on Total Drama Island

Who is on the killer bass on total drama island?

Duncan,Dj,Geoff, Bridgett,Courtney,Eva,Harold,Ezekiel,Katie,Sadie, and Tyler

Who comes back on total drama action?

Courtney tyler Eva sadie and that's all i got but Courtney wins

Does Cody win total drama action?

Cody was not even in Total Drama Action. Duncan won Total Drama Action.

Does Katie win Total Drama Action?

leshawna is gonna win..u know whad i mean homie

What is total drama action?

Total Drama Action is a TV show. Youtube it.

Is there a total drama drama drama drama action?


Is total drama drama drama drama island the same as Total Drama Island?

Yes It Is, It Is The Total Drama Island Movie And There IS Also A Total Drama Action Movie Called Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.

Who is gonna win in total drama action?

bethwill win total drama action