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depends on which movie theater, usally no

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Q: Do you have to pay for a child age 2 for cinema ticket vue?
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Should you pay an adult fee for a PG-13 movie for a child?

The rating of a movie is totally irrelevant to the price of the ticket. The price of the ticket depends on the person's age. The movie's rating has nothing to do with it. The age limit for children's tickets may vary from theatre to theatre, but on, a child's ticket is for children age 2 through 12.

Do you have to pay for your one year old's airfare?

Children under age 2 are able to fly on domestic airplane at no cost if they sit in the lap of an adult ticket holder.On international flights, children under age 2 are required minimally to pay airport taxes and fees if they sit on the lap of an adult ticket holder. Some airlines also charge a minimal fee for the child's ticket - but it is substantially less than an adult fare.If children under age 2 have their own seat on an airplane, they are required to pay for a ticket.

Do you have to pay child support in Connecticut after age 18?

do u have to pay child support when the child is still in school at the age of 18

Do you need a flight ticket for 3 years old child?

You always need to get a ticket. Most airlines will allow children below 2 travel for free , but children age 2-12 have to pay a full or discount price.

Who is the child who paid tax at the age of 12?

Children at the age of 12 do not have to pay taxes. The parents of the child is the one who has to pay taxes.

Do you have to pay child support at age 18?

A person who is a citizen of the United States will be required to pay child support at age 18. Child support must also be paid until the child reaches the age of 18.

What age do you continue to pay for your child until?

until your child is 18

How long do you pay child support in Newfoundland?

Apparently, you pay child support until the child or children reaches the age of 18 .

Do children under the age of 5 pay a ticket fare when using the Dubai metro?


Do under the age of 5 pay ticket fare when using dubai metro?


Do you have to pay support for step child age 6?

Only if you've adopted him/her. If so, then you are obligated to pay child support (after a divorce with the child in question's parent, of course) until they are 18 years of age. But if you didn't adopt the step child, then you owe nothing, regardless of the child's age.

Does the requirement to pay child support depend on the age of the child?

Yes. Until the child is 18