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ummm.... no just take your bartending license with you

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Q: Do you have to go to bartending school again if you move to another state?
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What does a minor have to do to be able to go to school in a different state while parents live in another state?

A minor has to have written permission from their parents for them to live with a guardian and go to school in another state.

Does a business incorporated in one state need to file again to do business at another state?


If you withdraw a child from school how soon do they have to go to another school?

The number of days a child must attend school is set by state law. If you are moving, or changing the child from one school to another, you must abide by the state law of the area you are in.

Is going to bartending school necessary in order to become a bartender?

No. Sometimes, big bars will have a job called "bar back". These people work behind the bar but don't make drinks. They hand the liqour to the bartendar and watch him mix drinks. Eventually, they get to be a bartendar. It's much easier to go to school, which makes it faster to get a job. Or, if you are in a state that only serves beer you don't have to go to school. You can also just look around for a bar willing to train you. I started bartending at 18 years old with no experience. It isn't that hard to learn to mix drinks...

How old do you have to be to bartend in NJ?

i believe you have to be 21 to be allowed behind the bar bartending. you only have to be 18 to serve drinks. that is in the state of tennesse.

Is there a way that a football player in high school could practice with a school in a state during summer and then move to another state and play?


I live in one State and would like to attend a Trade/Voactioan school in another State- the school does NOT take FAFSA and the program is only 2 wks. How do I receive a Grant?

I live in one State and would like to attend a Trade/Vocational school in another State- the school does NOT take FAFSA and the program is only 2 wks. How do I receive a Grant?

You like this guy from school a LOT you mean a LOT but he is moving next week to another state Help?

Alright so he's moving to another state and you probably will not see him again in your life unless he's like a really good friend. So what you do is right before he leaves tell him. Go tell the guy that you really like him.

Is Fugitive from justice a felony?

Fugitive from justice is not a felony itself, but rather a status of someone who has fled from the jurisdiction where they are facing criminal charges or have been convicted of a crime. The underlying criminal offense that led to the fugitive status may be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances.

How do you get a job bartending?

Most folks get a job as a server or barback, work very, very hard for a long period of time - sometimes ever years - and are eventually promoted. While serving or barbacking, ask questions about drinks and beers, learn recipes, and don't be a flake. Do not drink while you work, don't do a bunch of coke and don't sleep with you coworkers (this is all typical behavior for the hospitality industry and you want to be seen as different - better) Don't waste you money on bartending school - its a joke and does not equal real job experience. In short - work harder than everyone else and be patient.

Does your daughter who attends college in another state and does not have a car have to give up her license if you do not include her on your auto insurance policy?

No, She only needs insurance if she is driving. She does not have to give up her license if she is only attending school in another state. The state of issue is still her state of residence. The address she uses while attending the school is only a temporary address.

Can I transfer high school credits from New York to Florida?

It is usually easy to transfer credits from one public high school to another. However, if you are transferring to a school in another state or are moving from a private school to a public school, you should have your transcripts reviewed before you make the move.