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Yes,You do grow when you are awake.

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Q: Do you grow when you are awake?
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Does men's facial hair grow fastest when awake or sleeping?

It doesn make a difference if you are awake or not.

Do boys grow while they sleep?

All children grow continually, asleep or awake.

Do naps make you taller?

Not really, though people grow faster when sleeping than awake.

Does sleep make you grow?

yes, when you are sleeping your body grows, this is what i have heard i am not a doctor, but i don't' see how someone can grow when they are awake and moving. i hope this was helpful.

Does hair grow faster at night?

Hair actually grows slower while you are asleep then when you are awake because your heart rate slows and most of your body almost goes into a shut down mode so the more your awake the faster your hair is going to grow

Do you stay short if you drink coffee at a young age?

Yes, because you grow your most when you are asleep. And when you drink coffe it keeps you awake.

How do you get taller in your sleep?

I am a Doctor and all it is, is that it hurts when you grow cause your body is pulling so god made you grow only in your sleep so that it doesn't hurt when your awake and trying to enjoy your day. :)

Why does head hair grow faster?

Your hair mostly grows faster by you sleeping. By sleeping your body sleeps as well, which your hair can then grow. Your hair cannot grow when your awake, but your body mostly grows when your asleep. So that's all I can give you.

What is the participle of awake?


Is awake a noun?

No, the word 'awake' is a verb (awake, awakes, awaking, awoke or awoken) and an adjective (awake, more awake, most awake). The adjective 'awake' is most often functions as a predicate adjective following a linking verb.Examples:I often awake on a day off at the time the alarm rings on a workday. (verb)They were awake and ready when I arrived. (adjective)

What is the word awake in sentence?

I was awake at midnight The baby was awake playing in her crib. I feel more awake when I drink coffee.

Is awake an adverb?

No. Awake is an adjective. A related adverb is wakefully.