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yes he deserved his fate

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Q: Do you feel Tom deserved his fate?
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Tom Walker deserved his fate based on the kind of person he was and the job he held Why or why not?

Tom Walker's fate can be seen as deserved as he was a greedy and selfish man who made a deal with the devil for personal gain. As a moneylender who profited off the misfortune of others, his moral compass was questionable. His actions and character traits ultimately led to his downfall, serving as a cautionary tale about the consequences of greed and immorality.

When Nick runs into Tom months after Gatsby's death how did Tom feel about Gatsby's death?

Tom felt no remorse about Gatsby's death and instead seemed indifferent, showing no empathy or concern for the man who had died. He viewed Gatsby as simply a social nuisance who had gotten what he deserved.

How did Lincoln feel about womens rights?

he felt as if everyone deserved equality.

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The cast of Puppets of Fate - 1916 includes: Octavia Handworth Tom Moore

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i think eating curry when they feel like they have deserved it.

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She goes to her fate with pride.

What is Tom Miller's fate for resenting and insult offered his mother by a Yankee?


Was Caroline Hutchinson vera Patterson in auf weiders in heartbeat?

Yes. She lived in Kenton, Newcastle. I had a big crush on her when we were teenagers. She was a beautiful person who deserved a better fate.

Did chestnut seem worried about the fate of her hometown or does she seem to feel safe even in the face of battle?

Did chestnut seem worried about the fate of her hometown or does she seem to feel safe even in the face of battle?

What is on your hand though you cant feel it only you and time can reveal it?

Fate ;)

Did tom walker get what he deserved?

Tom Walker made a deal with the devil and spent his life ruled by greed and swindling money out of others. In the end, his greed and swearing in the devil's name allowed the devil to take him away, despite his religious fervor at the end of his life. Tom got what he should have anticipated, and probably what he deserved.

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Injun Joe is in the cave to find treasure. He gets trapped inside and eventually dies, as the entrance gets blocked by a cave-in. Tom and Becky manage to escape, but Joe's fate is sealed.