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I do not believe it would. Speech and language are very important in culture and society, but, there are other means of communication. Human beings are quite adaptable, and necessity does bring into reality new inventions.

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Q: Do you believe if speech were to stop all civilized living would vanished?
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I believe that if speech were to stop all civilized living would suddenly vanish do you agree with that?

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What happen if speech is to stop does all civilized living suddenly vanish?

Certainly not. There are other means of communication.

What part of speech is the word vanished?

Vanished is a verb. It's the past tense of vanish.

What part of speech is the word civilized?

The word civilized is an adjective. It is used to describe a society that is highly developed.

What part of speech is civilized?

Civilization is typically used as a noun.

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Speech credo by E Christian Bukner?

I believe that of all human functions the gift of speech is the most miraculous. I believe that, if speech were to stop, all civilized living would suddenly vanish.I believe that the ability to articulate is essential to inner harmony, to emotional maturity, and to mental balance. If all people could be completely articulate at all times, human relations might improve to the point where there would be no more wars and no more jails, more stable homes and more happy people.I believe that speech is essential to the growth of the human personality and that it provides a way for self-discovery and self-renewal. For many, it is a way of self-expression without brush or pen.I believe that the act of speech is a total process, that when it reaches optimum effectiveness, the whole man communicates. What one is, is always part of what one says.I believe that there is no substitute for content in the speaking process. Material or intellectual worth provides the essence of eloquence. Speech skills have their importance, but they no more make speech than clothes make the man. The center of gravity in all speech communications is thought and idea.I believe that every student should develop a concern for truthful and responsible speech, exhibiting sense - not non-sense, sincerity - not cleverness, forthrightness - not superficiality, and should never be a party to plagiarized or dishonest work.I believe that speech has no absolutes, that a completely perfect speech has not yet been made. I believe that speech offers a lifetime challenge in which there is never a final summit of achievement beyond once cannot climb.I believe that the individuality of the speaker is a valuable asset in the speaking process, and that any person with normal intelligence, normal emotional balance, and normal speech mechanisms has at his command the resources enabling him to make certain speeches that can be equaled by no other person. Every student has the potential to speak superbly at some time.

What did Voltaire believe about god?

Freedom of speech

What part of speech is Believeable?

It is the past tense of the verb "believe".

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children living in peace was an image used by Martin Luther King Jr. in his I Have a Dream speech

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