Do woman like squirting

Updated: 8/30/2023
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some do, some don't. Like most things sexual, whether or not a woman enjoys G-spot stimulation (which leads to squirting) depends on individual tastes. Your best bet is always to talk to your partner a lot, before and during sex- ask her if what you're doing feels good and what could feel better. also, tell her how it feels when she touches you- talking tends to arouse women and make them feel less inhibited, which in the long run, is gonna help a lot if you'd like to make your lady squirt someday.

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Q: Do woman like squirting
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Can a woman pass urine by mistake during squirting?

Yes, a woman can urinate by mistake during squirting and during orgasm. Squirting does not happen from the urethra.

How does a woman feel after squirting?


Is squirting natural for a woman?

Absolutley natural. Nothing is wrong with it, some woman just can't squirt. Anyway, men find squirting hot! =] so don't worry about it

How does a woman know when to tell the man to pull out so that she can have a squirting orgasm?

She'l know.

What is the change of the get hiv when a woman squirting?

quite high supposedly, in lack of medical experimentation

When a woman squirts during sex is it real or did she just pee to make it look like squirting?

You just have to know the girl and trust her but I would assume she isn't faking....

What does the sexual term squirting mean?

When a woman reaches the climax of orgasm, sometimes vaginal fluid may 'squirt' out. This is essentially the female version of a man ejaculating, although squirting does not aid in conecption whatsoever.

What is vaginal squirting supposed to feel like?

"Vaginal squirting" is a feeling when you have sex orgasm. It's really comfortable and makes you feel like you are in the heaven. It's hard to describe you will know when you experience this.

When is a hose like a biscuit tin?

When it is a squirting [said in a midlands accent]

Is female squirting pleasurable?

Not the squirting itself but the orgasm that precedes it.

Woman squirting is a painful?

It can be. Before the orgasm you feel like you really have to pee and that can be very uncomfortable. During and afterwards it feels amazing. But sometimes afterwards you can have some pain and discomfort. Generally a nice warmvbath helps.

How do you differentiate peeing and squirting when she cums?

squirting doesn't come out of the pee hole.