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Q: Do they search RVs at summer camp music festival?
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When was Summer Camp Music Festival created?

Summer Camp Music Festival was created in 2001.

Any summer music camps similar to Camp Rock in or near Louisiana?

Summer Music camps are real. Camp rock is not, sorry. No there isn't any specializd music camp like camp rock anywhere.

Which is the most popular sumer camp?

Depending on what kind of summer camp you are looking for, and how old you are, the ost recongized summer camp are the music summer camps. THere are many summer camps that are free and fun.

What is the motto of Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp?

Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp's motto is 'Belvoir offers exciting training in art, acting, music, theater, dance, music and individual sports!'.

Where is Glastonbury festival?

It is an annual UK music festival, notorious for the copious mud on the camp sites should the weather turn wet.

Where can I find a summer music camp for my teenage daughter in Connecticut?

Here is a list of a few summer music camps in Connecticut: Buck's Rock Camp in New Milford, Connecticut, may meet your daughter's camp needs. Find them on the web at

Should summer camp be capitalized?

No because if you had a proper noun like Jennifer's Summer Camp then it would be but not summer camp.

What is the motto of Camp Lohikan?

The motto of Camp Lohikan is 'Camp Lohikan offers a summer of fun in arts & crafts, drama, music, aquatics, tons of sports, horses and much more!'.

Is there a summer camp on sims 2 seasons?

No there is no summer camp in the game.

What are the release dates for Summer Camp - 2013 Welcome to Summer Camp 1-1?

Summer Camp - 2013 Welcome to Summer Camp 1-1 was released on: USA: 11 July 2013

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How do you say summer camp in French?

The phrase summer camp in French is Colonie de vacanes. My friend went to summer camp this year.

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