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in the beggining, yes. towards the end, their attitudes change

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Q: Do the boys want to be rescued in the lord of the flies?
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Why dot the boys do their jobs in lord of the flies?

because they dont want to

Lord of the Flies how does Ralph boost the boys' morale?

During the second asembly the littlun with the mulberry coloured birth mark on his face raised the subject of the snake-thing. Although the boys mocked the littlun many of them felt a distinct sense of unease. Ralph boosted their morale and raised their spirits by telling them that he'd decided that they wanted to have fun and they wanted to get rescued. This simple statement shifted the boys attention away from the idea of beasts in the dark jungle and focused them instead on positive thoughts. Ralph lifted the boys spirits further when he said, "We want to be rescued; and of course we shall be rescued."

Lord of the flies why does jack's group sttack the four boys in their hut?

Jack want to steal Piggys specs and steal the fire.

Why did boys want to be a member in Jack's Tribe in lord of the flies?

He could provide food, and protection from the beast.

In Lord of the Flies what is Jack's excuse?

Ralph wants to build huts but jack wants to hunt he says they need meat more than they need huts

What is the atmosphere for lord of the flies?

the mood is that the boys think they can do wat ever they want since they have no adults on the island.

In Lord of the Flies What did the boys want to do instead of going to the other side of the island to check the fire?

Instead of going to the other side of island to check the fire the boys want to make a fort. The boys also want to roll rocks.

What is the main reason everything is falling apart Lord of the flies?

In the novel The Lord of the Flies, there is no "governmental" structure. There are numerous young boys stranded on an island together (the oldest of which I do believe to be about fifteen) with no rules or consequences. With no structure and no rules to follow, these children do whatever they want whenever they want, thus resulting in the fall of their "society."

Why does Ralph think the beast is staying at the top of the mountain in Lord of the Flies chapter 8?

Ralph says, "As long as it is light we're brave enough. But then? And now that things squats by the fire as though it didn't want us to be rescued----."

What type of government did Ralph want in lord of the flies?


Did Jack tell Ralph in Lord of the Flies to quit as chief?

No but, in chapter 8: Gift for the Darkness, Jack did ask the rest of the boys to put their hands up if they didn't want Ralph to be chief anymore. None of the boys raised their hands.

Why does Ralph want water brought from the river in the lord of the flies?