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Yes. They were very proud of their craft as musicians.

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Q: Do the beatles all play there instruments?
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What are the links between Ravi Shankar and The Beatles?

ravi shankar thought goerge harrison (the beatles lead guitarist) to play guitar and other instruments

What instruments does the beatles use?

The beatles used drumms, guitars and harmonicas.

What instruments did the beatals play?

In the Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the lead singers, Ringo Starr played most of the percussion, George Harrison played mostly guitar and bass guitar. They all sang, back-up and lead, but those were just their main instruments. They could also all play guitar and bass, the harmonica, and keyboards.

Does PS3 guitarhero 5 instruments work with rock band beatles?

Yes. ...And you had the rock band beatles instruments, it would also work the other way

What was the biggest amount of instruments played by the Beatles in one song?

The Biggest amount was in the famous "a day in the life" in that song they had an entire orchestra plus themselves playing instruments.

What musical intrument did all The Beatles?

What instuments did all the Beatles play? a great variety of types. A book called Beatles Gear chronicles all the instuments they played throughout their career. But iconic-ally, I would say that they are most known by : John Lennon: Rickenbacker 325 Paul McCartney: Hofner 500/1 George Harrion: Gretsch duo jet Ringo Starr: Ludwig These are also the instruments used in the Beatles Rock band game for the peripherals.

Do guitar hero world tour instruments work with the Beatles rock band?


What instruments does psy like to play?

Psy is a weirdo.He doesn't play a instument.He just uses a computer Its just not cool.If you want a real singer and a real band Check out The Beatles.

Can you play Beatles Rock Band Wii with the instruments from regular rock band ps2?

You can not because that would be using PlayStation Controls on a Nintendo Console.

What instruments did the Beatles use in the song Yesterday?

The Beatles DID NOT play their "usual" instruments at all... Ringo DID not play the Drums Paul DID NOT play the BASS George DID NOT play Lead John DID NOT play Rhythym HOWEVER>>> Paul does play an Acoustic guitar,accompanied by the violin and the by rest of the orchestra of George Martin,their producer.....

What is the difference between the Beatles rock band and the deluxe version?

The Deluxe version has Beatles-style instruments and a microphone stand, and the Value version has normal Rock Band instruments.

In what year did the Beatles play a rooftop concert?

Te Beatles are one of the most popular bands from the UK of all time. The Beatles famously played a rooftop concert at Apple Studios on January 30, 1969. The Beatles