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They do a few of their own stunts but major things are performed by stunt doubles.

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Q: Do the actors on make it or break it do their own stunts?
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Did Bruce Lee do stunts for other actors or did he act himself?

Bruce Lee did stunts for other actors, he also did most of his own stunts when he was acting.

Who is Taylor Lautner's stunt double?

he dose his own stunts

Do action movies have to have stunt people?

No some actors do there own stunts but most actors get stunt people (stunt doubles)

Did Tom Cruise do his own stunts in mission impossible?

Yes. He does his own stunts in every film.

Is it normal that jackass fans attempt any stunts of their own?

Yes Im a fan and I do my own stunts

What does Jeffrey Donovan live for on the set of Burn Notice?

preform his own stunts

Did Bruce Campbell do his own stunts in Brisco County Jr?

According to Bruce Campbell he did about 75% of his own stunts .

Does Harrison Ford still do his own stunts?

Yes. He did his own stunts for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Did Clint Eastwood do his own stunts in The Eiger Sanction?

Yes, all his climbing and other stunts.

Do you have pictures Jackie Chan doing his own stunts?

There are outtakes at the end of almost all of Jackie Chan's movies of him doing his own stunts.

Did micky rourke do his own stunts?

some of them

Does steven seaqal do his own stunts?

He does some of his own stunts I believe, but not all....