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Do Mandie Shaw and Joe Woodard get married?

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Q: Do mandie shaw and joe woodard get married?
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Who does Mandie Shaw marry in the Mandie collection?

I think she marrys Joe because it says that she is jelouse of Polly who also likes Joe.

Did mandie marry joe in the mandie series books?

No, even though Joe asks Mandie to marry her in book one, they haven't done yet in the series.

Who is Mandie Shaw?

The Mandie series of books are a popular series written by the late Lois Gladdys Leppard from 1983 to 2006, intended for children ages 8 - 12 years old. More than 7 million copies have been printed of the Mandie series. There are forty books in the main series along with several special books. The story takes place around the year 1900, when Mandie is 11 years old. In "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel" she turns 12, but the Bryson family doesn't care and sadly she doesn't get to celebrate her 12th Birthday. In every book she finds a mystery to solve along with her good friends Joe Woodard and Celia Hamilton.You have to read her books they are the best!

What are Mandie Mysteries about by Lois Gladys Leppard?

Mandie books are by Lois Gladys Leppard (a girl, not boy).I've read them myself, and were I find the books is The Altoona Library, Des Moines, Iowa. That library has tons of books.If you think in Mandie and the Secret Tunnel is a bit mean (not very much), it gets better in the end. Characters:Mandie ShawJoe WoodardUncle Ned SweetwaterSallie SweetwaterMorning Star SweetwaterTommy PattonCelia HamilitonMiss PrudenceMiss HopeUncle JohnJim Shaw (who was Mandie's father but died)Etta Shaw (Mandie's stepmother)Elizabeth Taft Shaw (Mandie's mother)Mrs. Norman Taft (Mandie's grandmother and Elizabeth's mother) Johnathan GuyerTsa'ni (I don't know his last name)Dr.Woodard (Joe's dad)Mrs.Woodard (Joe's mom)Dr.PlumbeyMolly RichieLizaAunt LouJennyAbrahamJason BondPolly CorniwallisSamuel ShawThere may be more that I dont remember!Books:Mandie and the:SECRET TUNNELCHEREOKEE LEGENDGHOST BANDITSFORBIDDEN ATTICTRUNK'S SECRETMEDICINE MANCHARESTON PHANTOMABANDONED MINEHIDDEN TREASUREMYSTERIOUS BELLSHOLIDAY SURPRISEWASHINGTON NIGHTMAREMIDNIGHT JOURNEYSHIPBOARD MYSTERYFOREIGN SPIESSILENT CATACOMBSSINGING CHALETJUMPING JUNIPERMYSTERIOUS FISHERMANWINDMILL'S MESSAGEFIERY RESCUEANGEL'S SECRETDANDEROUS IMPOSTERSINVISIBLE TROUBLEMAKERMISSING KINSCHOOLHOUSE'S SECRETCOURTROOM BATTLEJOHNATHAN'S PREDICAMENTUNWANTED GIFTLONG GOOD-BYEBURIED STRANGERSEASIDE RENDEZVOUSDARK ALLEY

Do joe and mandie kiss in the mandie book series?

Not that i know of but in the second book of the college series mandie kisses a different boy:"I love you Amanda Shaw" whispered George Stuart in the ear of seventeen year old Mandie Shaw.Mandie's heart beat wildly as her kissed her lightly on the lips."I love you too" Mandie whispered back.She turned around smiling and opened the door to her room as George left down the hall heading back to his school.Celia Hamilton was studying in a chair on the other side of the room and jumped up as Mandie closed the door."Well?" Celia asked anxiously.Mandie smiled and waited a few moments before yelling "I'm in love!" She danced around the room and Celia joined in."I feel excited and nervous and just- wonderful!" Mandie said still dancing."That's how it feels when you're in love" Celia said sitting down on the bed.She too, had fallen in love.

How tall is Joe Norman Shaw?

Joe Norman Shaw is 5' 9".

What is the birth name of Joe Norman Shaw?

Joe Norman Shaw's birth name is Joseph Norman Shaw.

When was Joe Norman Shaw born?

Joe Norman Shaw was born in 1957, in Anderson, Indiana, USA.

When was Joe Shaw - rugby union - born?

Joe Shaw - rugby union - was born on 1980-02-20.

Does Joe Jonas like jaimie?

Pretty shaw

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